Ukraine’s Prime Minister Calls to Pray for the Country’s Future


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KYIV - On October 24, 2009, Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in her address to the participants of the convention of the All-Ukrainian Association Motherland called everyone who came to the Square of Independence to pray for the future of Ukraine. According to her, all important matters always start with a sincere prayer.

The prime minister stated that during her recent visit to the Vatican she received a blessing for Ukraine from Pope Benedict XVI: "He blessed Ukraine, the Ukrainian nation, and wished us strength in the struggle for consolidating our state." Tymoshenko also noted that she visited all the holy places of Jerusalem and "prayed for Ukraine, its nation, for Ukrainians to be prepared for a great journey which is bound to end in victory," and that she also received a blessing from the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem.;32477/