President Yushchenko Participates in Meeting of All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations


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Speaking at a meeting of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, President Viktor Yushchenko pointed to the constructive dialogue between the secular and ecclesiastical authority in Ukraine. "We both, the secular and spiritual powers, must do everything so that our church-state relations serve as a good basis for a social dialogue," said Viktor Yushchenko. The president's official website reported this story on October 28, 2009.

The president thanked the representatives of churches and religious organizations for productive cooperation in bringing harmony to the society and strengthening democracy.

Among the joint achievements of the church and government in recent years Yushchenko named the introduction of religious morality and ethics lessons in schools in 2005. Undoubtedly, he said, there is still much to be done on the subject but the government is ready to continue working.

The president also noted that he shares the position of a number of churches on the approach to the proposed alterations to the Law "On freedom of conscience and religious organizations." He agreed that prior to altering the law the Concept of state-church relations in Ukraine should be adopted.;32553/