Appeal of His Beatitude Lubomyr to prayer for the ill and patient


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Dearly beloved in Christ!

The flu epidemic which for already some time spread in different countries of the world has arrived. A few dozen victims of this flu are already registered. It is a great test which the Lord gives our people. From one side we need to use all the facilities in order not to fall victim to this epidemic, and from the other side, as it has been done throughout history during such misfortunes, we need to pray hard so that the Lord may divert this misfortune from our people, if it is His will. I express my deep sympathy to the families of those who already suffered and once again I cordially ask you with prayer and joint efforts to overcome the danger. Let's pray, dearly beloved in Christ:

"The Lord our God, you sent Your Son in the world so he could encumber Himself with our sufferings and wear on Himself our illnesses, do good and heal all. With obedience we ask you: bless these sick people, give them physical strength, strong Spirit, and patience in the illness. Return to them full health so that they overcome their weakness and, supported by Your help, live with enduring health, and with joy You may be glorified in the community of faithful in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, always, now, and forever and ever. Amen!"


+ Lubomyr