“Invasion of flu is not a reason for a decline in the intensity of prayer life of believers”: Head of the UGCC


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"Who feels sick should withhold from visiting the church. Who is healthy has to use all the necessary protective measures, come and jointly with the parish pray for the health and recovery of those who have fallen sick," said His Beatitude Lubomyr, the head of the UGCC, in his comment for Information Department responding to the appeals of local or central authorities regarding the limitations in conducting divine services due to the flu epidemic.

At the same time the head of the UGCC explained that despite the existing cases of sickness, there is no need to panic. "Although it is important to use the proper means to defend oneself and close ones," the head of the Church remarked. In particular, in the church, near the icon or cross, to which the faithful are in contact, a handkerchief with appropriate solution needs to be used. Before the Holy Communion the priest has to teach people about the rules of acceptance of the Eucharist. "The representatives of authority that asked us to shorten or cancel the divine service did not act correctly - the invasion of flu is not a reason for a decline in the intensity of prayer life of believers. In the history of the Church we have many cases when in the difficult ecological, epidemiologic, or political situations people found comfort, support, and protection in the church," said His Beatitude Lubomyr.

Let us remember that because of the importance of prayer in the difficult epidemic situation, the head of the UGCC in his appeal to the prayer for the unhealthy and patient wrote: "It is a large test which the Lord God gives our people. From one side we need to use all the facilities in order not to fall victim to this epidemic, and from the other side, as it has been done throughout history during such misfortunes, we need to pray hard so that the Lord may divert this misfortune from our people, if it is His will."

Information Department of the UGCC