Monastics of the UGCC zealously pray for the sick


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During this difficult test for our people the monastics of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church even more zealously pray to the Lord. Each of the holy communities, besides for the church's rule, prays the special prayers for the health of all the people and for the recovery of the sick. Some monasteries pray incessantly for God to pardon for the sins of the people and plead to Him to be merciful to His people.

Holy people always and constantly pray, regardless of the situation in Ukraine. However, currently, when the faithful need a special grace from the Lord, the monastics respond to it with even more zealous prayer.

"We beg our Lord Jesus Christ to hear us, sinful, and to be merciful, grant us with graces and generosity," remarked the Commission of the UGCC on Matters of Monasticism.


Informed Sister Simeona (Hermak)