City administration of Sumy denied land apportionment for Greek Catholics


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The city administration of Sumy did not give permission for the land apportionment of a plot under construction of a church for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. According to the project for the church 1.19 hectares of land on Krasnozvezdinska Street (square KRZ) were selected for apportionment. However, only five deputies voted in favor of the project. The question of land apportionment for the Greek Catholics has been unresolved for a few years.

At the same time two churches in Sumy obtained the land lots they use for permanent use. Thus, the Evangelist Christian Baptists Light of Gospel Church received 23 hundred square meters on Pokrovska Street, 5. And the Troitska community of the Sumy Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate received 60 hundred square meters of land for the Troitskyj Cathedral.