All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations Calls not to Vote “Against All”


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KYIV - The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO) published an address to the Ukrainian nation on the occasion of the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine. AUCCRO called the citizens to be governed in their choice "not by a one-time personal gain, but by the awareness of the society's good, moral criteria, and one's own worldview position." The authors of the address also warn the citizens not to allow anyone to buy them, not to sell their votes. AUCCRO called them to vote not against all but for one of the proposed candidates. The address was published by the press service of AUCCRO.

"On February 7, the second round of the elections of the head of our state is to be held. It is an important event for the future of both the society and each citizen, and it will largely influence who will lead our country in the years to come.

Ukraine is a democratic state where citizens have a right to freely choose the country's president. This right is a great achievement but it also puts a great responsibility on each citizen. Therefore, we call all voters despite a possible disappointment or mistrust for politics and politicians to come to the polling stations on the day of elections and make a conscious choice by voting for the person who in your opinion is worthy to be the president of Ukraine, the guarantor of state independence, sovereignty, and social and spiritual development of the nation.

We call everyone to be governed in their choice not by a one-time personal gain but by the awareness of the society's good, moral criteria, and one's own worldview position. We warn everyone again: do not allow anyone to buy you, do not sell your votes for money, handouts, or promises, and be worthy of the high title of a human and citizen.

There is no state in the world without leadership. If we are indifferent to the election of the president or vote against all, the choice will be made anyway but without our participation. This should be prevented - the realization of the right to choose is a civic duty. As a result of the election, one of the two candidates for the position of the president of Ukraine will head the state. Who it will be largely depends on the vote of each of you. Therefore, come to the polling station and vote!" states the address.

The address was signed by the heads of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christians Baptists, All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Christians of Evangelical Faith, the Pentecostals, other Christian churches, and Muslim religious organizations.