Conference about the Holy Scripture in the life of the Ukrainian nation to take place in Rome


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On March 19-20, in Rome, a conference will take place on the topic "The Holy Scripture in the life of the Ukrainian nation." The annual conference for graduate students and young research workers is organized by the Institute of Pope Saint Clement of the Ukrainian Catholic University and will be held at the institute on Boccea St., 478. The program will include lectures of distinguished professors and young research workers, as well as discussions.

On the first day the participants will be able to hear lectures by Fr. Rafael Turkonyak, Ph.D., on "Ukrainian translations of the Holy Scripture" and Fr. Taras Barschevskyj about the "Holy Scripture in catechetical and educational activity of the UGCC." On Saturday, in the first half of the day, Fr. Ivan Muzychka, Ph.D., will give a lecture "The Holy Scripture and Taras Shevchenko," and Professor Leonid Rudnickyj will give a lecture on "The Holy Scripture and Ivan Franko." After lunch Mrs. Lyubov Dubkovecka will talk about the Holy Scripture and Christian identity of the Ukrainian nation and Deacon Peter Iskiv will discuss modern Ukrainian terminology for studying the Holy Scripture.

Source: UGCC