Vatican Launches Twitter Feed


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VATICAN CITY, MARCH 21, 2010 ( The Vatican made its foray into the social networking platform Twitter this weekend by launching a feed in six languages.

Twitter is a free, micro-blogging service that allows users to send or receive brief messages -- or "tweets" -- through a computer or smartphone.

The English channel is named news_va_en. The other languages are Italian (news_va_it), Spanish (news_va_es), French (news_va_fr), German (news_va_de) and Portuguese (news_va_pt).

Through these Twitter channels, Vatican Radio and the other media sources of the Holy See will diffuse information about the publication of news and multimedia content of special interest for the life of the Church.

The Vatican also launched a new Web page ( on which it will offer multimedia information on current topics.

The launch of the two new Internet resources coincided with Benedict XVI's Letter to the Catholics of Ireland Regarding the Clerical Sexual Abuse Crisis.

For more than a year the Vatican has also had its own Youtube channel ( in 4 languages.