Representatives of Main Christian Denominations jointly called Ukrainians to go to church on Easter


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During a joint press conference in Kyiv, Bishop Joseph (Milyan), auxiliary bishop of Kyivan Archeparchy of UGCC, Bishop Evstratiy (Zorya), head of the information and publishing department of the UOC-KP, and proto presbyter Hryhoriy Kovalenko, head of the Synod Information and Education Department of the UOC-MP, called Ukrainians to uphold the church tradition in the final days of the Holy week and to attend Easter services.

"The Resurrection of Christ is the feast of all feasts. If there is no resurrection, then our faith is in vain. We prepared for this feast during the Great Lent which is filled with the repented spirit. He convinces us that those who suffer with Christ will certainly be resurrected. The feast brings great joy and great hope for those who trust the Lord," remarked Bishop Joseph.

In response to the journalists' question whether the president of Ukraine is expected to attend the nightly divine services of all the traditional denominations as it was done in previous years, proto presbyter Hryhoriy Kovalenko said that they are preparing to meet the president in the Kyiv Cave Monastery. Bishop Joseph, on the other hand, stated: "Considering how the president entered in the government, there is not much hope that he will pray with the different denominations, but there is hope."

Bishop Joseph also said that the short period of airing divine services from different services will not fulfill the spiritual necessities of the believers: "Our media space has many channels. It would be better if separate channels broadcasted complete divine services. It would allow for the people who cannot go to church on this great holiday to pray. The proper state structures should work on this for this is about the Christian foundations of forming the Ukrainian Christian. The situation must be changed."

Considering that this year Easter according to the Julian and Gregorian calendar falls on the same day, the representatives talked about the common date for celebrating Easter by Christians of Byzantium and Latin traditions. The representatives of the three churches agreed that such initiatives can cause new divisions in the already divided Kyivan Church.

At the completion Bishop Joseph greeted all those present on the upcoming holiday and invited them to "hayivky" which will take place on Sunday at the St. Sophia Square in Kyiv at 4:00 p.m.

Information Department of the UGCC