Heads of Churches Against Liquidation of National Expert Committee on the Protection ofublic Morality


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KYIV - In an Open Address the heads of the Christian Churches of Ukraine expressed to the Ukrainian public the need to protect high moral principles and family values.

In the document, which was unanimously passed on June 10 by all the participants of the Conference of Churches, the Christian leaders of Ukraine voiced their "decisive disagreement with the actions of the participants of the information war aimed to discredit and prevent the activity of the National Expert Committee of Ukraine (NECU) on the protection of public morality," the Institute of Religious Freedom conveys the content of the address.

The heads of churches jointly stated: "The passiveness of the state in the area of active protection of public morality is equal to promoting moral degradation for only the state has the means of legal influence. We cannot by our silent consent allow full destruction in Ukraine of the healthy moral principles, family values, culture of communication, and mutual respect in relations between people."

The heads of the Christian churches believe that the questions regarding the protection of public morality should be settled at the state level according to the generally accepted practice of developed democratic countries.

"The propaganda of war, national and religious hostility, cult of cruelty and violence, prevalence of pornography are the real threats facing our society today," stress the address.

The Christian leaders in their address called the Ukrainian public, President, Supreme Council, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, representatives of the local authorities and owners of the media "to think about what values and culture of communication we are passing to our children and bestowing to the coming generations."

"We call all conscious citizens and people of good will to make efforts to protect their constitutional right to live in a democratic society where the norms of morality should be protected by the law and the state and the respect for the honor and dignity, rights and freedoms of a person should become the norm of everyday life," stated the Christian leaders of Ukraine.

The Open Address was initiated and supported by the heads of 9 churches:

* Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate;
* Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate;
* Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church;
* Roman Catholic Church;
* All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists;
* Church of the Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine;
* Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church;
* Brotherhood of Independent Churches and Missions of Evangelical Christians Baptists of Ukraine;
* Ukrainian Lutheran Church.