Fr Lombardi on investigations regarding Cardinal Sepe


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(20 Jun 10 - RV) On Sunday, Vatican Press Office Director Fr Federico Lombardi issued the following statement on ongoing investigations regarding Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archbishop of Naples :

"Firstly I would like to express my esteem and solidarity with Cardinal Sepe at this difficult time. Cardinal Sepe is a person who has worked, and continues to work, for the Church and the people entrusted to him in an intense and generous manner, and as such has the right to be respected and esteemed.

Then, naturally, we all hope and trust that the situation will be fully and rapidly clarified, so as to eliminate all shadow of doubt regarding both him personally and Church institutions. Cardinal Sepe, - as he has already stated - will collaborate for his part to clarify this situation. Naturally the procedural aspects and juridical profile implicit in the correct relations between the Holy See and Italy, will have to be taken into account, should they eventually be connected to this episode.