Head of Security Service of Ukraine apologized to rector of Ukrainian Catholic University


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KYIV-LVIV - The deputy head of the Presidential Administration, Hanna Herman, reported that after the incident when an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) visited the rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the head of the SBU Valerii Khoroshkovskyi visited the university and apologized to Fr. Borys Gudziak. "There is no infallible authority. But bad is the authority which cannot admit and correct its mistakes," wrote Hanna Herman in a blog on the Ukrainian Truth website, in response to the senior analyst of David Kramer of the Marshall Fund in Washington, a former assistant of the US state secretary, who follows democracy in Ukraine.

According to Hanna Herman, the apology to the rector of UCU is one of the many facts confirming that "President Yanukovych will not allow the curtailment of democracy in Ukraine." She also writes "... we are able of correcting our mistakes. And we are able to respond in a timely matter to challenges because only a person who does nothing does not make mistakes...The head of the Security Service, Valerii Khoroshkovskyi, visited the Catholic University the other day and met the rector. He apologized to Fr. Borys Gudziak and the rector accepted it. They had a sincere and open conversation," reads the blog.

Hanna Herman expressed confidence that the incident regarding a representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation who was not let in Ukraine will also be settled in a fitting way.