Jesus the Christ eConference coming soon


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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Broken Bay Institute are expecting thousands across the country and the globe to participate in an upcoming Jesus the Christ eConference on September 16.

This fourth eConference, presented by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Broken Bay Institute, will be presented by Rev Professor Gerald O'Collins SJ, said a press statement.

More than 355 sites have signed up to the event.

"Professor O'Collins has a worldwide reputation as an excellent lecturer, and one who is able to push the boundaries of theological speculation and knowledge. His presentation on Jesus as Fully Human and Truly Divine will tackle key theological questions at the heart of the faith", said the statement.

Other speakers include Ms Philomena Billington, Director of Education Sandhurst Diocese; Dr Claire Renkin PhD, Melbourne College of Divinity and Yarra Theological College; and Dr Rev Merrill Kitchen OA, Principal, Churches of Christ Theological College.

Bishop David Walker, a member of the Bishops Commission for Mission and Faith Formation, said the popularity of previously organised eConferences "shows that people are hungry for really good quality adult faith formation and opportunities to come together as parish communities or workplace communities to reflect on the Gospel and to really allow the Gospel to have a living, active role in our daily lives".