Film ‘UGCC: The Unknown Chronicle’ shown in commemoration of Fr. Voronovskyi


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To commemorate the late Fr. Vasyliy Voronovskyi, the documentary film "UGCC: The Unknown Chronicle" was screened at the Lontskyi Street Prison museum in memory of victims of totalitarianism.

"UGCC: The Unknown Chronicle," filmed in 2010 by Taras Pasternak, Andriy Statskykyi, and Marjyan Ancharskyj to mark the 20th anniversary of the legalization of the UGCC, includes testimonies of underground Uniate priests, including that of Fr. Vasyl Voronovskyi.

In the film Fr. Voronovskyi describes the persecution by the communist authority and arrests and interrogations where he refused to name the bishop who ordained him. He also tells about the KGB's provocations and advances on the underground church and its active laity and priests.

The audience also had the opportunity to discuss the film with the director of the Institute of Church History of UCU Fr. Andriy Mykhaleyko and studite monk Fr. Julian Boyko, who published records of interrogations of priests.

Source: UGCC