Pope to Youth: God Draws Out the Best in Us


21 June 08 - On Saturday evening young people gathered in prayer vigil in Quebec Canada ahead of Sunday's culmination of the week long International Eucharistic Congress. There the thousands of young people drawn from across the five continents to the northern American city received a special pre-recorded video message from the Pope, in which he asked them to be witnesses to the Eucharist in the heart of the world.

The message delivered in French and English exhorted the youthful pilgrims to take the spirit of the congress to others when they return home:

"Do not forget that the Sunday Eucharist is a loving encounter with the Lord that we cannot do without. When you recognize him "at the breaking of bread", like the disciples at Emmaus, you will become his companions. He will help you to grow and to give the best of yourselves. Remember that in the bread of the Eucharist, Christ is really, totally and substantially present. It is therefore in the mystery of the Eucharist, at Mass and during silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, that you will meet him in a privileged way. By opening your very being and your whole life under the gaze of Christ, you will not be crushed - quite the contrary: you will discover that you are infinitely loved. You will receive the power that you need in order to build your lives and to make the choices that present themselves to you every day. Before the Lord, in the silence of your hearts, some of you may feel called to follow him in a more radical way in the priesthood or the consecrated life. Do not be afraid to listen to this call and to respond with joy. As I said at the inauguration of my pontificate, God takes nothing away from those who give themselves to him. On the contrary, he gives them everything. He comes to draw out the best that is in each one of us, so that our lives can truly flourish".