More companies back away from anti-Catholic TV program in Spain


Madrid, Jun 24, 2008 - The civil rights watchdog website reported this week that the Japanese company Fujitsu has said it does not have an advertising contract with La Sexta television in Spain and will not run spots during the controversial program "Salvados por la Iglesia" (Saved by the Church), which mocks the Catholic faith.

According to the watchdog website, speaking on behalf of the General Director for Marketing for Fujitsu Spain, Walther Plettenberg of the German House of Commerce said the Japanese company has no advertising contract with La Sexta.

The ads that appeared during the program "Salvados por la Iglesia" were for air conditioning units that carry the Fujitsu brand name and are sold in Spain by the Tecno Sakura Company. Luis Bertran Farga, a spokesman for the company, said the ads would be pulled immediately.