Ukraine’s Committee on Matters of Religions and Nationalities Clarified Status of UOC-MP


Kyiv- On 25 June 2008, the press-service of the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions released a statement outlining the mistakes of Patriarch Alexis II's speech at the Hierarchical Council when he said that "the new wording of the Statute of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) comes into effect upon the approval of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).

" Representatives of the State Committee of Ukraine consider the statement of the patriarch as one that questions the competence of the State Committee on Matters of Nationalities and Religions, which registered the amendments to the Statute of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Representatives of the committee stress that the legal and canonical status of the UOC, prescribed in the Statute of the ROC, confirm that the Statutes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (which is self-governed and has the right of extended autonomy) is approved by its head (Metropolitan Sabodan - RISU) and then endorsed by the Moscow Patriarchate. As for the Synod of ROC, according to the Statutes of ROC and UOC it has no power to approve the Statutes.;22918/