CHINA – House Church Leader and Family Evicted from Home


On July 2, Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers evicted prominent house church leader Pastor Hua Huiqi and his family from their home in Beijing, China.

According to China Aid Association (CAA), "Hua and his family were resting in their rental apartment when PSB officials led by Officer Yang Jian used a 10-pound hammer to break down the doors and locks of the apartment. Hua's brother was beaten by police officers and suffered severe damage to his eye. Hua and his family, including his 90-year-old father, were forced onto the street with their furniture. They are currently in search of a new home and are being hosted by a Christian family in Beijing."

According to CAA, "The Chinese government has expressed its intentions to either detain Hua until September 30, a date well after the Olympics, or to remove Hua and his family completely out of Beijing during the Games. The Chinese government had branded Hua and other human rights and religious activists as ‘troublemakers' and is adamant about keeping such people from attending the games in August."

"We have predicted that things like this would happen ahead of the Beijing Olympics," said Todd Nettleton, Director of Media Development for The Voice of the Martyrs. "The Chinese government is determined that there will be no distractions and no embarrassment when the eyes of the world turn to Beijing next month. Our Christian brothers and sisters, like Brother Hua and his family, are not ‘troublemakers,' as China's government says. They are simply Christian people who want the freedom to follow Christ according to their conscience."

This recent incident is the latest in a series of attacks, arrests and imprisonments Pastor Hua and his family have endured from the PSB. In January 2007, Hua and his 76-year-old mother, Shuang Shuying, were attacked and wounded by seven police officers while walking near a 2008 Olympic hotel site in Beijing. CAA reported, "They were kicked to the ground and later taken to the Olympic police station for questioning." Hua's mother was sentenced to two years in prison, while Hua served six months. In October, while under house arrest, Hua was repeatedly attacked and beaten by police at his home. CAA reported, "Hua was reading his Bible at his home despite police surrounding his house. He was sent to Beijing Tiantan Hospital because he lost consciousness after repeated beatings from the police."

Shuang Shuying remains in prison and is very ill. According to CAA she is being held in a medical center because her health has deteriorated. "The doctor said she is too weak to send to a formal prison because of heart problems, diabetes and other medical problems," CAA reported.VOM contacts say she is being held hostage by police in order to put pressure on Pastor Hua to reveal names and information of believers.

VOM encourages you to pray for believers in China. Pray for Hua's family who are living under intense persecution. Ask God to watch over his elderly parents who are great examples of faith and courage. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict the persecutors and draw them into the knowledge of Jesus Christ.