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Vatican paper says Beatles don't need absolution

Head of the UGCC presented his second audio book

Premiere of Documentary “The UGCC: The Unknown Chronicle” to Take Place in Lviv

Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Lubomyr will present his second audio book

Vatican prefect says religion in schools is the tool for understanding others

President Napolitano To Offer A Concert For The Pope

Design Competition for Monument to Andrey Sheptytsky Announced

Sacred antiques salvaged from quake on display at Vatican Museums

’Beasts of the Bible’ featured in Animal Planet®

Hope is glue that holds people together, cardinal tells students

Many artists desire to renew partnership with the Church, Vatican official affirms

NASA technology to be used in preservation of Vatican manuscripts

Exhibition in Lviv about the liquidation, underground activity, and revival of the UGCC

Concert to be given for Pope on feast of his namesake

Vatican Paper Looks at an Oscar Nominee's Message

New film celebrating Year for Priests released in Rome

Second Part of Benedict XVI's Book Coming Soon

Vatican daily comments on defeat of 'Avatar' at Oscars

Book by Vatican Radio editor looks at Obama and religion

There's an 'app' for that: iPhone applications devised for Catholics

Holy See Proposes Human Rights to End Recession

Elements of Western society reject grace in favor of independence, says papal preacher

Dr. Ted Baehr: Hollywood can no longer afford to ignore Christ

Survey investigates effect of higher education on religious and moral beliefs

New magazine “The Christian and the World” was presented in Ternopil

Vatican to publish WWII Secret Archives

Catholic author and speaker encourages students to train to win heaven

Canadian Prelate Stresses Olympic Values

Cardinal: There's Nothing More Feared Than Pain

Vatican official discusses upcoming marriage prep handbook

Children must be protected within stable families, states Cardinal Antonelli

George Weigel speaks on combating European cultural decline

World Congress of Families applauds “day of purity”

Catholic hospitals comprise one quarter of world's healthcare, council reports

Holy See: Promoting Family Can Build Economy

Church warns against French burqa ban

British government retreats after Pope's critique of Equality Bill

Cardinal Rivera encourages youth to bring Christ to Mexico

Spokesman: In an iPad World, Fascination Can Distract

Media Use by Teens Shoots Up

New Christian film The Message to be released in May

Villanova wraps up filming for virtual tour of St. Peter's Basilica

New book on St. John Vianney to distill his ‘wisdom and grace’

Vatican newspaper amused but disappointed with 'Sherlock Holmes'

Conference to explore work of Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand

Jewish-Catholic Panel to Study Environment

Pope Benedict calls for true sexual education

True Environmentalists Are Pro-Life, Says Pope

Avatar has stale plot and lacks emotion: Vatican paper

“Metropolitan Andrey” on “UТ-1” (УТ-1)

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