About Us

"Milites Christi Imperatoris" or in English - «The Soldiers of Christ the King» is a web-site of a group of Catholics who want to share their creed and Christian life experience with others.

We want to share the joy of our personal experience of meeting and living with Resurrected Jesus - our God and Redeemer - by showing our way as one of possible ways of life in Jesus Christ.

Cooperation with us.
If you want to help us, here is what you can do:

1. Be kind and earnest Christian.
2. Tell your friends about our site.
3. Send us your reference to our site.
4. Send us your criticism to our site. We welcome your constructive criticism.
5. You can send us your article. In case if it will correspond to editor policy, we will place it at our site with your signature with the marking ‘site friend'. In case if you avoid publicity, we'll put just a marking ‘site friend' instead of your signature.
6. You can support our site with donations.
7. Pray for spreading of the Kingdom of God in human hearts.




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