Jerusalem Catholic Patriarch profoundly resents city's gay pride parade

Human trials for embryonic stem cell treatment a crime, says Bishop Sgreccia

Vatican preparing new document on effects of abortion on women

New Academy for Life head blasts Spanish president for abortion law

UK Catholics Support Pro-Life Initiatives

Majority of Latin Americans oppose legalized abortion

UK Bishops Decry Abortion TV Ads

Post-abortive women suffer from trauma similar to war veterans, says pro-life leader

One abortion every 11 seconds: a European tragedy

Nearly one million in Spain march for life, protest new abortion law

The UGCC for the first time honored Remembrance Day of Aborted Children

Rosaries for unborn campaign drawing prayers worldwide

On February 27 UGCC Marks Remembrance Day of Aborted Children

Spanish Bishops: Abortion Law a Step Backward

Family unity essential to child formation, says Cardinal Antonelli

On February 27 is the Remembrance Day of Aborted Children

40 Days for Life Starts Tonight With Webcast

Focus on the Family reports 760,000 have watched Tebow's story

Tebow Super Bowl ad airs after controversial run-up

Abortion has become 'plague' in Mexico City, acknowledges government

Canadian group airing pro-life ad on local TV station

More than 50,000 show support for Tebow pro-life Super Bowl ad

One million Rosaries for unborn babies planned in multi-national effort

US Bishops Urge Continuation of Health Care Debate

Rep. Chris Smith: 'We Need to Pray for Obama. He is So Obsessed With Promoting Abortion.'

Prayer making a difference in healing 'wounds’ of legal abortion, Bishop Isern says

Abortion Judged Morally Wrong by US Majority

50,000 Join Virtual March for Life

Catholic doctors to hold conference on end of life issues

Mexican Catholic newspaper clarifies why gays cannot adopt children

Spanish drug agency confirms grave effects of morning-after pill

Paris March for Life draws 25,000 protesters

100 Polish scientists condemn in vitro fertilization

Montana legalizes euthanasia

Catholics cannot support abortion, Spanish bishops reiterate

The second “Window of Life” opens in Ukraine

Worldwide one-child policy 'worse than madness,' says PRI media director

Italian Bill Would Recognize Rights of Unborn

Formation essential in fight against AIDS says Vatican council member

Cardinal Cipriani invites woman repentant of abortion to become an 'apostle of life'

March for life attracts 50,000 in Costa Rica

Christian Life Movement begins 3rd plenary assembly in Ecuador

Vatican daily reminds Obama that U.S. is increasingly pro-life

Catholic Women Voice Opposition to UN Convention

Bishops highlight natural fertility methods

Document offers guidance on reproductive technologies

Ages five and above to get sex education in UK

Requiring heterosexuality for marriage is not discriminatory, say bishops

US Bishops to Discuss Marriage Initiatives

Church cannot remain silent when human life is in danger, says Peruvian bishop

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