Song of a pure heart which longs for more
of God and less of itself, - it's the music that
has the key to many victories and
brings joy to
the heart of our Lord.
D. Czech

One of the most incredible and in the same time the most controversial topics not only between different age groups, different confessions, but also between communities of one confession, are worship and praise. Music, singing, dance - are a part of powerful prayer, unity of hearts of people, angels and Almighty God; prayer that destroys all wiles of the devil, bringing light and hope to those who are captive in the darkness of soul.

Israel destroyed the walls of Jericho with it, all Satan strongholds are ruined with it, through it God not only released Paul and Silas from prison, but everyone around them, with this prayer many are revealed nowadays. For those who praise Him in Spirit and truth, God has prepared healing of soul and body, unity with God through Holy Spirit, strengthening with hope, growing in belief, filling with love and many more.

What is praise and worship? What does Bible say about it? Power of this weapon? Artists, genres, events, what is the world music industry all about, and many-many more interesting.....HERE.