Sense of life

Through all history of humanity people can't stop searching the sense of life. And this search disappoints many people for centuries. It seams like this sense always runs away. But its not sense who runs away, but we search it in the wrong place, and we start searching from the wrong point. It's as if you were in Kyiv vicinity and tried to get to the temple of Sofiya Kyivska but through Uzhgorod.

And although the search for the sense of life lasts for ages, very often people start it from the wrong place - from themselves.

On the contrary to what different modern books, movies, seminars, modern guru say - you won't find sense of your life in you.

If you did not create yourself, how can you understand the reason you were created for? If an invention which you never saw and never heard of before got in your hands, obviously you would not be able to understand its settings yourself. About it you could get to know from the inventor or operations manual.

How can we get to know the sense we are living for? For the sake of which we were created?

We have two possibilities to get this knowledge.
First - the way of assumption. The best brains of humanity are trying to find the answer to this question for ages. But except for the answer that life has no sense or that this sense is unknown, human brain had not invented anything else.

There is another way - operations manual of Creator Himself - God's Revelation. Luckily, during our search we can appeal to the Word of Our Creator. And this is really the simplest and the most real way - to ask Inventor, to ask God. God isn't simply Creator of our life, He is its source. In order to find the sense of life, you must turn to God's Word, not to wisdom of this world. In order to open true sense of your life, you must appeal to truth of the Bible, not to popular psychology, motivation to success, or stories which inspire to those theories of sense of life which can never satisfy the thirst after the search for real sense of our existence.