Pope Benedict and the Constant Search for the Truth

Pope Benedict XVI: Construct a Civilisation of Love

Ratzinger’s Opera omnia on Liturgy Presented at Meeting

Ratzinger Students to Consider Vatican II

Benedict XVI Encourages Choosing a Special Saint

Pontiff Urges Peace in Somalia

Pope Sends Message for Ukrainian Independence Day

Pope and Mother Mary Prema remember Mother Teresa on anniversary

Pontiff Lauds Taizé Founder's "Ecumenism of Holiness"

Catholics in Great Britain Prepare for Papal Visit with Prayer

Pope Praises Late President’s Witness to Faith

Benedict XVI at Angelus: Mary's mission of salvation and intercession continues today

Pope discusses Christian promise of eternal life in heaven

Jesus' advent gives life-changing hope, Benedict XVI teaches

Pope Benedict Makes Suprise Visit to Abruzzo

Pope leaves Castel Gandolfo on unannounced pilgrimage for Transfiguration

UK ambassador highlights significance of events during papal visit

Cardinal Ratzinger asked to resign in 1997, become Vatican librarian

Europe’s Altar Servers Gift Pope ‘Happy Heart’

Pope Prays for Victims of Natural Disasters

Eucharist is Jesus' greatest gift to us, teaches Pope Benedict XVI

The saint's 'wise heart' rejects dependence on transient things, Pope teaches

Pope welcomes cluster munitions ban, urges more countries to sign

Benedict XVI reflects on Pope's role in the Church

Pope Benedict to see film reflecting on his pontificate

1st Months of 2010 in Review: Papal Highlights

Cardinal Newman and Pope Benedict share fight against relativism, writes Vatican expert

Pope Relaxed, Happy at Castel Gandolfo

Lord Patten: Papal visit to UK might surprise critics

Benedict XVI to Visit Leo XIII's Birthplace

Challenges and Consensus Ahead of UK Papal Trip

Benedict XVI underscores religious, human and social richness of grandparents

Unemployed, Homeless and Migrants in Pope’s Prayers this August

Benedict XVI working on third and final volume of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’

Papal donations bring hope to needy worldwide

Anti-Catholic petition shut down as UK government changes hands

Benedict XVI among the top ten oldest Popes since 1400

Pope says Make Time for God on Vacation

Pope Appoints New Permanent Observer to UN

Pope preparing speeches on Cardinal Newman for UK trip

Missal finalized for Pope's visit to UK

Pope Prays for Uganda Bomb Victims

Pope urges Christians to live with Christ's logic of charity

Benedict XVI Begins Summer Vacation

Pope to Vocations Group: Keep Praying

Pope heads to Castel Gandolfo to write new encyclical, book

Pontiff Blesses Statue of Pray-for-Vocations Saint

Pope Dedicates Audience to Scottish Theologian Ahead of Summer Break

Pope Prepares for Summer of Rest with UK Visit on his Mind

Pope asks prisoners to find ways to contribute to society with their gifts

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