For every person at certain period of life comes the time to make three important choices: choosing Redeemer, choosing profession, and choosing life's companion. These issues can never be strictly theoretical or theological, they are not a kind of abstract truth. On the contrary, this is what is directly and strongly set in a real life, overcome by many people and relates to everyone.

Topics of this section will relate to the latter choice and life situations connected with it.

For a single person, probably, the most important question is: how to understand that getting married will be a right choice? And if so, how to prepare myself to it? How to find life's companion, destined by God? Why should we have a church marriage if many couples easily live in a civil one?

For those who are married, not less important questions arise: has a married life become the way we dreamed and planned before? Is it possible to change family relationships for good? Where can I find advice which can really be trusted? What can become reliable basis for happy marriage establishment? What principles are better to use in the process of bringing up wise and kind children?

And these are only some of everyday important questions and decisions of life for people who live in modern society under preasure of thoughts and opinions, which very often doubt even the need of a family and giving birth to children...

God, who created human with love and for love, has His plan for their lives, which foresees happiness and goodness for everyone. As the Creator, He has given His unchangable commandments, and if we will keep to them, we can get all of it. So, what is the exact God's plan for marriage? Where is the operations manual to happy life? How can it all be implemented in modern society?

We will try to find the answers to these questions by reffering to God's Word (Bible), teaching of the Church, advices from leading specialists in this sphere and, what's more important, looking for confirmation of the righteousness and efficiency of those answers in life experience of real people (from saints of Christ's Church to our contemporaries)!

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