Danger: Occultism

Human nature has always longed for knowledge and power. The human can satisfy their wishes to some extent by using natural sources, and if it is not enough for them, they often turn to supernatural ones. Then comes the moment when they can easily get into occultism (latin "ocсultus"- secret, mysterious). The reason for this is that there are only two sources of supernatural knowledge and power - God and Satan. All that doesn't come from God - comes from Satan.

God's Kingdom is a Kingdom of light, and its servants know whom they belong to and what they do. From another point of view - kingdom of Satan is a kingdom of darkness, and most of those who are in its kingdom, do not know whom they are serving and true nature of what they do.

There are no limits for the kinds of a lie, deceivement and manipulations which are used in occultism. That is why occult practicies have always attracted people with great interest despite age or social status. All of these causes great hurm to spiritual and physical life of society as a whole and of each in particular. That is why in this section we will investiagate main occult tendencies and practicies, so that we could be able to stand against all wiles of devil.