Healing and revealing

The Holy Scriptures shows us Jesus Christ not only as Great Master, but also as Great Healer. Jesus' mission was not only to teach, but to heal different deseases and to reveal people from different powers of darkness. Jesus is alive. Nowadays He acts among His people in the same way as He did when He wondered on the roads of Palestine, proclaiming the Kingdom and healing the sick. «Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.» (Heb.13:8). As then, He shows us His unfailing love, kindness and mercy, longing to heal everyone. What is left for us is to learn how to identify and receive His love and let Him act in our everyday life.

It is important that healing and revealing of a person would be completed in integrity: spirit, soul and body. Very often people who pray for corporal healing get much more - inner healing. In person's soul all consequences of sin are reflected. Often soul wounds and pain are much more painful than corporal illness. In this case a person feels inner darkness and spiritual weekness, depression, fear, neurosis or other mental problems. In person's subconscience are stored rejection, discouragement, ignorance even by those, whom they loved most, feeling of revenge, hate, bitterness, lack of forgiveness; and very often these feelings create inner discomfort, they attack our body, causing physical pain as well. Transgressions, oversight, bad habits, and different dependences (alcohol, drugs) enslave a person in spiritual chains to the extent that he/she loses the sense of life. And only Lord Jesus by His unfailing power and eternal love that reaches every part of our being, can heal and purify, and reveal us from satan shackles. Jesus went to die on cross, suffered agony beyond words in order to redeem every one of us. «For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.» (John.3:16)