Church in Africa

Card Arinze: A self Reliant Church for a Self Reliant Africa

A Self-Reliant Church in Africa

Ugandan archbishop: Bombers do not value sanctity of human life

Despite language difficulties, Community of St. John begins youth ministry in Ethiopia

Nigeria: new attacks on Christians in Kaduna state

Missionaries Mark 60 Years in Sierra Leone

Ethiopian Charismatics Strengthen Catholic Ties

Nigeria: Catholic university vice chancellor kidnapped

Shrine of Ugandan martyrs visited by 500,000 for feast day

South Africa: Church on the ball

Catholic bishops in Sudan fear recent election could lead to war, says media group



Benedict XVI appoints leaders for upcoming Middle East Synod

Tanzania: First Catholic Commercial Bank opened

Zimbabwe Awaits a Resurrection

A New Missionary Spirit for Burkina Faso, Niger - Pope Receives Bishops of the African Nations

Another attack on Christians near Jos, Nigeria, 13 dead

Bishops of Sudan discuss country's situation ahead of elections

Pope Appeals for Calm in Nigeria

Nigeria: more than 500 killed in tribal clashes

Cardinal Turkson calls for halt to 'criminal devastation' of Africa's environment

Ugandan bishops begin 'ad limina' visit in Rome

Oldest Christian Monastery Renovated

Dina and Maher El-Gohary, Persecuted Coptic Christians Ask Obama for Help

Nuncio Named for Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea

Anglican bishop kidnapped in Nigeria

Special Council for Africa prepares suggestions for Pope Benedict

Pope makes Ghanan region Apostolic Vicariate

Nigeria: forty killed after attack on Catholic church

Cardinal Bertone urges respect for Christians in Egypt

Missionary Priest Dies in Tunisian Explosion

Cardinal Kasper expresses solidarity with Copts after attack in Egypt

Egypt Copts killed in Christmas church attack

Pope to Africans: Peace Needs Justice

French priest killed in South Africa

New Gabonese leader visits with Pope Benedict

French priest killed in South Africa

Priest and nun killed in ‘act of barbarism’ in Congo

Africa's Bishops Back Pope in AIDS Message

Violent Muslim mobs attack Coptic Christians in Egypt

Vatican Aide: Church is both "for" and "with" Africa

Pope to bishops: be realistic, not too political

15 Bishops Named to Special Council for Africa

Final message from African Synod

Nicaraguan bishop warns of possible dictatorship

Sudanese bishop warns war could return as secession vote nears

Synod compiles 54 propositions

Synod Fathers Meet in Language Groups

Synod for Africa expresses deep sorrow over continent's conflicts

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