inter-Christian relations

Heads of UOC-KP, UGCC, UAOC and RCC in Ukraine to lead memorial service for victims of Holodomor

Polish, Ukrainian and Israeli Youth: Neighbors for better or for worse responsible for the future

Anglo-Catholic bishops try to rally supporters but foresee conversions to Rome

Pope Benedict Welcomes Orthodox Cooperation in Middle East Synod

Russian Orthodox Church: possible visit of Pope to Ukraine will not improve relations

Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches in Ukraine Hold Joint Spiritual Retreat

Holy Land Christians Praying for Iraqi Brethren

Australian Traditional Anglicans moves to union with Catholic Church

Canadian Anglican Church move toward Rome part of 'worldwide movement,' says bishop

Benedict XVI Visits Lutherans to Promote Unity

Pope to visit Evangelical Lutheran Community of Rome next Sunday

Cardinal Levada Explains Ecumenism

US Anglicans to Request Catholic Ordinariate

Pope Sends Birthday Greetings to Bartholomew I

Cardinal Sends Birthday Message to Bartholomew I

Benedict XVI to Visit Lutheran Church in Rome

Ecumenical symposium working towards 'full and visible communion' meets

Healthy families aid vocations, Pope advises Eastern European bishops

Catholics and Orthodox Defending Christian Values

Let's Build on Ecumenical Achievements, Says Pope

Pope: Catholic Lutheran Brotherhood Rediscovered

Holy Father meets with Lutheran delegation, encourages prayer and dialogue

Cardinal asks dialogue partners if an ecumenical catechism might work

Anglicans and Catholics Still Getting Along

Vatican "Joyful" at Serbian Patriarch Invite

Unity between Christians depends on what we are ready to give for its achievement

Leaked Text Lamented by Christian Unity Council

Apostolic Nuncio: Meeting of Patriarch of Moscow and Pope Could BecomeIcon of 21st Century

Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants of Lviv will gather together for a joint prayer

Pope Ends Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with Call for New Evangelisation

Interdenominational Prayer Held in Lviv Catholic University as Part of International Prayer Week

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Catholic Church welcomes legitimate diversity, says Vatican official

“Our desire is to return to the primary unity”: His Beatitude Lubomyr

All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls Citizens to vote

UGCC Synod of Bishops Proposes Model of Unity of Churches of St. Volodymyr’s Baptism

UGCC Head comments on statement of Russian Archbishop that Russian Church expects concrete steps from Vatican

Because of the UGCC Patriarch Kirill still does not want to meet with Pope Benedict XVI. What does it testify?

Former Episcopal Bishop Lipscomb Now a Catholic Priest

Former Episcopal bishop Lipscomb now a Catholic priest

Pope thanks Russian orthodox for book

Moscow Patriarchate publishes book of Pope's words

Orthodox Patriarch optimistic about unity

Anglican-Catholic commission enters new phase

Christian witness 'more credible' in union, writes Pope in letter to Eastern Patriarch

Pope tells Bartholomew that ecumenism must continue without hindrance from the past

Orthodox and Catholics to Prepare a Common Position on Dialogue with EU

Third phase of Catholic/Anglican dialogue to include cooperative investigation of 'divisive' issues

Pope Mourns Serbian Orthodox Patriarch

Bishops of England and Wales establish commission to help Anglicans join Catholic church

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