All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls Citizens to vote


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KYIV - The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations on December 21, 2009, published an address to the Ukrainian nation on the occasion of the presidential elections. The document reflects the joint position of the denominations as to the necessity of the participation of the citizens in the elections, lists the criteria of a conscious choice, and calls the presidential candidates to facilitate consolidation of the society, reports the Institute of Religious Freedom.

The heads of the churches and religious organizations call all the voters "despite possible disappointment or mistrust of politics and politicians, to come to the precincts on election day and make their conscious choice."

They stress that there are no states in the world without leadership. If we are indifferent to the elections, the choice will be made anyway, but without our participation. It should be prevented because the right to choose is one's civic duty."

The hierarchs call everyone to be governed in their choice "not by personal benefit but by awareness of the good of the society, moral criteria, and their own worldview."

In addition, the council calls all the believers and ministers of all denominations not to participate in political agitation on behalf of churches and religious organizations even if they are asked or forced to.