Christian Camp Helps Ukrainian Children in Spain Deepen Identity


23.08.2008 - Madrid (Spain)- The Christian camp "Called by the Father's love" was organized on 31 July to 10 August 2008 as part of the program "The spiritual world of the child" for Ukrainian children and teenagers in Spain. The camp was organized by the Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Patriarchal Catechetical Committee of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) with the blessing of Bishop Hlib (Lonchyna). Co-organizers were Fr. Ivan Lypka (pastor of the Ukrainian community in Madrid) and the headmistress of the Ukrainian school of the town of Alcala, Oksana Bats.

According to the head of the Patriarchal Catechetical Committee of the UGCC, Sr. Luiza Ciupa, the camp was organized to help Ukrainian children in the diaspora realize the essence of the Christian calling, foster community life, and deepen Ukrainian identity through traditions and customs of the homeland. The 40 participants of the camp, including children from Alcala, Mostoles, Meko and Madrid, under the supervision of guides meditated on the texts of holy scripture, prayed, and participated in thematic meetings on the Christian calling and modern youth topics for 10 days. Daily Liturgy was an integral part of camp life.

The camp also included sporting games and tournaments, competitions and thematic evenings, excursions and creative recreation.

On 9 August, a joint evening event for the children and their parents was held.

The responsibilities of camp guides were fulfilled by the following workers of the Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute of the Ukrainian Catholic University: Sr. Luiza Ciupa, Sr. Anastasia Balinska, Fr. Bohdan Tymchyshyn, Nazar Duda, Rostyslav Shemechko, and Natalia Musii.;24201/