Bishop’s Letter of thanks to the House of Representatives of Belarus


06/24/2008 - Bishop of the Union of Full-Gospel Christians in Republic of Belarus Slava Goncharenko sent a Letter of Thanks to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Republic of Belarus, reports New Life church press centre.

Letter was sent due to the fact that on June, 17th, corrections were brought into the law about advertising. These corrections made the advertisement of occult practices is forbidden on the state-wide level and also banned advertisement of services of sexual nature, disguised as psychological aid, fellowship, massage and other activities.

In his Letter Bishop Slava Goncharenko pointed out that Christians of Belarus accepted these news with joy and hope that «on the legislative level people of Belarus are defended from pernicious influence, capable to destroy not only destinies and health of people, but also their very souls».

As far as the ban against the advertisement of the services of sexual nature is concerned, letter states: «This innovation will serve to the strengthening of the institute of family and will promote the moral growth of Belarusian people».

Ending his Letter, Slava Goncharenko wished all parliamentarians «wisdom in adoption of new laws to the benefit of people of Belarus».