Annual Meeting of Secretaries of Episcopal Conferences of Europe Held in Spain


On June 26-30, 2008, the annual meeting of secretaries of the Episcopal Conferences of Europe is happening in Spain. The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church is represented at this forum by Bishop Bohdan (Dziurakh), Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC.

According to information from Bishop Bohdan, the main theme of the conference (every annual meeting has a main theme) is: "The religious situation in Europe. Between secularization and the search for meaning and spirituality." "The theme reflects those challenges which today stand before the Church in Europe: on one side is the continuation of the process of secularization, on the other is the ongoing search for religious experience. Exactly those questions will be considered at the meeting of this year," the Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC explained.

In addition to the modern situation of the Episcopal Conferences of Europe, challenges which they experience and answers what they give to them will be presented. Participants of the meeting will consider the role of the Church in solving modern social problems.

As part of the conference, the results of the work of the Third European Ecumenical Assembly, which was held in the Romanian city of Sibiu in September of last year, will be studied. A discussion about prospects for ecumenical dialogue on the European continent will be held.

"Such forums enable us to exchange the experience which we acquire in the process of the Church's life in the different countries, giving an opportunity to present the major events and areas of activity of separate Churches or episcopal conferences. Generally speaking, at these meetings we feel like a single Church which breathes with two lungs, Eastern and Western. In this way we, possibly even in advance of events, are demonstrating the process of the uniting of Europe, separated after World War II, a union around the Christian values which formed modern Europe. In this, I consider, is the great value of such meetings." So Bishop Bohdan spoke about the importance of the conference.;23025/