Spanish bishop reacts to law granting rights to chimps and apes


Madrid, Jul 7, 2008 - Bishop Jose Ignacio Munilla Aguirre of Palencia warned this week that Spain "is being used as a guinea pig for post-Marxist ideology that is characterized by its rebellion against the cultural roots of Europe, against Christian anthropology, against reason and against nature itself."

In an article on the "Great Apes Project," an initiative by Socialist and Green Party lawmakers granting rights to orangutans, chimpanzees and apes that the unborn are denied, the bishop warned that "Spain has become the first nation in the world to recognize three fundamental rights of man for apes: the right to life, the right to freedom and the right not to be tortured physically or psychologically."

He denounced its supporters for attempting to blur the lines between species, "which presupposes a radical denial of the concept of the person. This is possible because previously the concept of gender (each one can choose his own sex!) was put into question," the bishop said.

"There's little doubt that the next step will be euthanasia, eugenics and ethnic cleansing. That is the logic of materialism! With a bit of irony a friend of mine told me: ‘my hope is to escape euthanasia, to be given asylum with the apes," the bishop said.

After commenting about the preeminence of the human being and the radical originality of person, Bishop Munilla said, "this fact should make clear to us the spirituality of the human being, who is substantially different from the animal kingdom." "This latest battle of post-Marxist secularism and of gender ideology seeks, in the name of freedom, to deny the transcendent dignity of the human person in order to justify using him as genetic material."

"However, freedom is that quality of the human spirit that allows the person not to be at the mercy of his biological, psychological and social conditioning. For this reason we are free! Otherwise we would be completely determined like the animals," the Spanish bishop said.