Commemoration evening of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army at the Lviv Spiritual Seminary


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In the evening of December 8 in the Lviv Spiritual Seminary's conference hall, a musical and poetic evening devoted to the memory of warriors of the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) was held. A theatrical performance with the participation of the seminary's choir and brass band were prepared by second year students for the seminary's community.

In the presentation the performers tried to stress the importance of the military chaplain during the formation of the UPA and deeper consideration of the role of the military-liberation struggles of the Ukrainian people, specifically on the value of patriotism and self-sacrifice in the life of a conscious citizen.

At the conclusion the rector of the seminary Fr. Mykolay Fredyna thanked all those who participated in the organization of this concert program, and noted that it is necessary to always remember in prayers those "who gave their lives for our Ukraine, for our future, so we could be free and freely pray in the Church."

Taras Ostafjiv,
Media center of Lviv spiritual seminary of Holy Spirit