President Yushchenko Thanked the Head of the UGCC for Impartial Position of Church in Elections


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KYIV - President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting with Patriarch Lubomyr, the Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halych of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC).

At the beginning of meeting, the president noted the impartial position of the church shown during the election on January 17. "The church has shown the absence of support for a specific political party and thus made a great contribution to the maintenance of lawful and transparent elections," said Yushchenko.

As reported on the official presidential web site, during the conversation the current state of church-state relations and the inter-church dialogue was discussed. In this context the head of the UGCC expressed his gratitude to the president for initiating the celebration of the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Kyivan Rus'.