Pope Becomes Honorary Citizen of Romano Canavese


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VATICAN CITY, 17 MAR 2010 (VIS) - In a brief ceremony following today's general audience, the Holy Father received the honorary citizenship of Romano Canavese, the hometown of Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone S.D.B. which the Pope visited last July during his holiday at the alpine resort of Les Combes.

"What characterises Romano Canavese more than anything else", said Benedict XVI, "is its long history of faith, which begins with the blood of the martyrs (among them St. Solutor) and comes down to our own day. On this occasion, I renew my call to protect and cultivate the genuine values of your tradition and culture, which have their roots in the Gospel and, in particular, to bear witness ... to your faith in the crucified and risen Lord, your attachment to the family and your spirit of solidarity".

The Pope called on the representatives from Roman Canavese, and from the Italian region of Piedmont in which it is located, always "to trust in the assistance of God Who never abandons His children and Who, with loving concern, remains close to those who work for goodness, peace and justice".