YouTube video clips about the UGCC watched over twenty thousand times during the year


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The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church increasingly uses modern technologies to communicate with faithful and with the people of good will. On February 4, 2009, on the benediction of His Beatitude Lubomyr, the UGCC became accessible on the popular video service YouTube. During the year on the separate channel of the Information Department (

were placed forty six video clips which were watched over twenty thousand times. The most popular were four video clips of the first audio book of the head of the UGCC "The Road to Oneself." Overall, they were watched over five thousand times.

"YouTube offers a unique possibility for a wide circle of Internet users to present news about church life, its history, and modern activity in video format. Therefore, we try to use these possibilities as much as possible so that more people may learn about the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, hear about its ministry," said Fr. Ihor Yatsiv, head of Information Department of the UGCC.

Information Department of the UGCC


YouTube is an internet service for uploading video data. Users can add, watch, and comment those or others video recordings. Due to the simplicity of its use, YouTube became one of the most popular places for uploading video files. The service contains professional clips as well as amateur video recordings, including video blogs.