New Vatican Internet Services


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The publication of the Letter of Pope Benedict XVI to the Catholics of Ireland regarding the clerical sexual abuse crisis is accompanied by two new Vatican internet services. The first is a new website:

The second is a series of six channels on Twitter, each in a different language. The English channel is named: news_va_en. The other languages are French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. And can be accessed by changing the final piece of the channel name to the proper language abbreviation. That is: for FRENCH: _fr For GERMAN: _de FOR Spanish: _es for PORTUGUESE: _pt For Italian: _it

Through these Twitter channels, Vatican Radio and other Vatican media outlets will inform users about the publication of news and multimedia content of particular relevance to the life of the Church.

Today there will be published texts, video and audio referring to the Pope's Letter to the Catholics of Ireland Regarding the Clerical Sexual Abuse Crisis, using,, the four Vatican YouTube channels and the six Twitter channels.