Head of the UGCC discusses building a cathedral in Lutsk with the authority of Volyn


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The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Lubomyr on June 29 officially met with the Lutsk city chairman Bohdan Shyba, reports the Volyn Information Portal. At the meeting the hierarch was accompanied with the members of Permanent Synod and Bishop Josaphat (Hovera), Exarch of Lutsk of the UGCC.

As reports the publication, Patriarch Lubomyr discussed with the head of the city the question of constructing in Lutsk cathedral of the UGCC. Using as an example the active Holy Trinity Cathedral of the UOC-KP and the All Saints Cathedral of the Volyn Land of the UOC-MP which is being built, the head of the church noted that the UGCC must have in Lutsk "representative place for the cathedral."

Bishop Vasyl (Semenyuk), eparch of Ternopil-Zboriv, suggested a unique way to resolve the problem - to place the Greek Catholic cathedral of Volyn on the territory of the Lutsk castle. In fact, on that territory was once the Greek Catholic Cathedral of Ivan the Theologian.

The mayor said that the old foundation of this church from the 12th century needs to be preserved, rather than building something new. "This will be an archaeological site of world value, and that is why it is not possible to pass it to the church," Bohdan Shyba said. As an example, the governor mentioned the reconstructed Golden Gate in Kyiv. This "doll" became uninteresting for visitors. Therefore, we must preserve similar monuments.

Patriarch Lubomyr agreed with the position of head of Lutsk: "That which you must do here, I think, is extraordinarily important, because those who come will see and will be convinced that here was a state, here was a church, here were people. I think that it is even more important, because a recreation is not the original."

Mr. Shyba promised to help the Greek Catholics in Volyn to find an plot for a new church and wished the UGCC leader to visit Volyn more often. Mr. Shyba said that he himself was born in the Lviv region. According to the mayor, city authority treats all religions with tolerance, but respects the most those that "serve God and Ukraine." Among such churches a "special place is occupied by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, as great martyr," reports the Volyn Information Portal.

Also, according the press service of the Lutsk Exarchate of the UGCC, on this day Patriarch Lubomyr met with the Chairman of Volyn Oblast Council Anatolii Hrytsiuk. Mr. Hrytiuk thanked the head of the UGCC and all bishops at the meeting for preserving the identity and national spirit, and cherishing the moral and human principles for the development of the society. Discussing a question about returning property of the Greek Catholic, in particular, former churches of the UGCC that are on the territory of the Lutsk castle, the chairman promised to assist the UGCC in finding a place for a cathedral.

Source: Information Department of the UGCC