Second Webinar devoted to the period of legalization of UGCC


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On Monday, July 12, at 4 p.m. the second webinar of the UGCC will take place and will be conducted by the Rev. Taras Bublyk. The theme of the online seminar is "The Legalization of UGCC in the Context of Interdenominational Relations in Ukraine (1988-1991)."

We ask all interested individuals to email a letter to the address with the subject: Registration on Webinar. Please include your first and last name in the letter. Before the beginning of webinar you will receive your electronic address reference for connecting. The webinar will last for about one hour.

We remind that the church launched its webinars project on June 29. The first webinar on the theme "Unity Between the Orthodox and the Greek Catholics in the Theological Vision of Patriarch Joseph Slipyj" was conducted by the director of Institute of Church History of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the Rev. Andriy Mykhaleyko, Ph.D.

It is possible to watch the first webinar at this reference: (37:05 minutes, 26 Mb). During the first webinar there were some technical difficulties which were corrected. In addition, a new server, which will be installed in the next few days, will further ensure the high quality of the web-seminars.

All the webinars will be archived - they will be published on the website and will be accessible to the public at any time. Any wishes regarding the organization or subject of the webinars we ask to express on the forum of the UGCC at this link:

The purpose of introducing webinars is to propagate the Gospel with the help of the newest technologies. The first webinar of the UGCC will begin the cycle of online seminars devoted to the history of the church. A series of webinars on moral theology is being prepared.


Background Information

A webinar is an online event where one or more speakers can hold on the Internet or a corporate network seminars, meetings, and conferences for groups ranging anywhere from a few to a few thousand people. Webinars can include voting sessions and questioning, providing complete cooperation between the audience and the leader. During the webinars the software allows participants to see and hear the speaker and allows him to ask questions in text form.

As Pope Benedict XVI noted in his message on the 44th World of Communications Day, "God's loving care for all people in Christ must be expressed in the digital world not simply as an artifact from the past, or a learned theory, but as something concrete, present and engaging. Our pastoral presence in that world must thus serve to show our contemporaries, especially the many people in our day who experience uncertainty and confusion, ‘that God is near; that in Christ we all belong to one another.'"

Source: Information Department of the UGCC