Pilgrimage of families of migrant workers to Zarvanytsya has begun


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On July 6, 2010, began the fifth pedestrian pilgrimage from Sambir, Lviv region, to Zarvanytsya, Ternopil region, of families of migrant workers. The pilgrimage began in the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God Church, with a Hierarchal Divine Liturgy led by Bishop Yaroslav (Pryriz), Coadjutor of the Sambir and Drohobych Eparchy.

As we reported before, pilgrimages of the workers and their families from Sambir to Zarvanytsya began in 2006 by Fr. Vasyl Potochnyak, who at the time cared for the Ukrainian community in Bologna, Italy, and Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, director of CF Caritas of the Sambir and Drohobych Eparchy and head of the Nazareth Rehabilitation Center.

About 200-300 people: children, youth, adults, and elderly, will walk over 200 km to show their gratitude to the Holy Mother of God.


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August 6 - 15, 2010
of families of migrant workers and all persons interested
from Sambir to Zarvanytsya

6.08-Friday: Sambir, Side, Horodyshche (dinner), Bronytsya, Lishnya (spend the night);

7.08-Saturday: Drohobych, Guji Verkhni (dinner), Nezhukhiv (spend the night);

8.08-Sunday: Stryj, Verchany (dinner), Dashava (spend the night);

9.08-Monday: Antonivka (dinner), Zhuravne, Stare Selo (spend the night);

10.08-Thursday: Tsvitova (dinner), Luka, Staryj Martyniv (spend the night);

11.08-Wensday: Burshtin (dinner), Ozeryana, Dibrova (spend the night);

12.08-Thursday: Svitanok, Shumlyany (dinner), Bozhykiv, Lytvyniv (spend the night);

13.08-Friday: Pidhajtsi, Bilokrynytsya, Bronhalivka and Mykhajlivka (spend the night); 14-15.08-Saturday and Sunday: Kotuziv, Zarvanicya (dinner).


Total distance - 230 кm

Source: UGCC