International Symposium on Greek Catholic Church Held in Poland

Ukrainian Greek Catholics Respond to Climate Movement’s Call

Opening of official website of the UGCC in Kazakhstan

Opening of official website of the UGCC in Kazakhstan

Apostolic Exarch for Greek Catholic Ukrainians of France, Benelux, and Switzerland Visits Brussels

News from Brussels

Greek Catholics Were Familiarized with Social Projects of Other Confessions

Patriarchal Synod of Bishops of the UGCC has started its work

In Kirovohrad foundation stone of church was blessed

Greek Catholics invite to ecumenical prayer

Days of Remembrance for the victims of Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Paris

Pilgrimage to Burial Place of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Martyrs In Siberia Conducted

Pilgrimage to Khars’k, the burial place of the holy martyrs Olimpia and Lavrentia

Requiem Mass for the Victims of Holodomor in Ukraine Held in Brussels

The Patriarchal Cathedral is also built with paper “bricks”

President of Ukraine expressed his gratitude to the Eparch of Ivano-Frankivs’k of the UGCC

Priest of the UGCC will provide spiritual ministry for military peacemakers in Kosovo

Ukrainian society of Rome honors the memory of Saint Josaphat

Monastics of the UGCC zealously pray for the sick

Lviv City Council Organizes TV Broadcast of Sunday Liturgy

Apostolic Visitor makes pastoral visit to the Ukrainian communities of Spain

Interim results of the second round of charitable “With Faith and Love” concerts

Archbishop of Lviv to take part in the opening of exhibition of prisoner’s art

Head of the UGCC asked faithful to pray for a successful Patriarch’s Synod

Ivano-Frankivs’k Eparchy of the UGCC prays for the recovery of the ill

Publishing House of Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy of UGCC Fired At

Catechist Day in the Kolomyja-Chernivtsi Eparchy

Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

Pilgrimage of the Control and Revision Office of the Ternopil' region to Zarvanytsya

Unique Church calendar for 2010 tells about the building of the Patriarchal Center of the UGCC

International Youth Meeting Held in Kyiv

Social Week of the UGCC

Head of the UGCC brought attention to the dignity and responsibility of doctors

Meeting of the Ukrainian Chaplains of Portugal

Address of His Beatitude Lubomyr

Delegation of the UGCC takes part in the Catholic public Social Days of Europe

Jubilee of the ecumenical collegiums of Sainaintt Thomas College in Vienna

Head of the UGCC met with the Ambassador of Germany

The Permanent Synod has made the necessary steps for the preparation of this year’s Patriarch’s Synod of Bishops

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Met Greek Catholic Archbishop

Patriarch Lubomyr: UGCC Is Accused Without Any Evidence

Leaders of Ukraine Greet Greek Catholics

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Thanked God for 20 Years of Freedom

UGCC is a source for unity for the Ukrainian community: Apostolic administrator of the Exarchate for Ukrainian Catholics in Grea

UGCC Initiates National Pilgrimage to St. Sophia’s Church in Rome

Charismatic pilgrimage. A story from Savelivka village

In Kherson a Greek-Catholic chapel has been barbarously destroyed

First Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Charismats pilgrimage

Security Service of Ukraine “SBU” (SSU) plans to declassify documents that prove the systematic repression of the UGCC during th

Security Service of Ukraine Has Documents Proving Purposeful Destruction of UGCC by Communists

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